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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Exclude IP´s in a business transaction


Hi everyone!

We are trying to work out how to exclude certain IP-adresses from being calculated in a business transaction. We perform regular security scannings of our sites from known IP´s and want to be able to exclude them in our BT´s as they´re causing lots of errors. We have tried to use a client IP splitting result with "not equals" of specific IP addresse as a filter in the BT but that doesn´t seem to work.

Does anyone know how we can accompish this?

Thx in advance!



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Andreas

Here is a screenshot of a BT I just built to only see those PurePaths that come in from an IP starting with 10.x. This works for me. What you need to make sure is to put the measure to occurence and then use a threshold of 1.



Hi Andreas and thx for the answer and sorry for the delay 🙂

Yes, this approach works if you want to filter out pp´s from certain IP´s. But what I try to do is the opposite. What we need is: "IPs NOT Starting with 10.X" . Is that possible?



Then you can change the match input form 'start' to 'not starts'.



Yes, that is the way we setup the BT. But it still captures ALL transactions, not only the ones excluded in the filter. Here is a screenshot of the BT and filtering measure.


As AndreasG. mentioned, can you try the evaluation 'occurence' instead of string value.



I changed the evaluation to "occurence" but that makes no difference. It works as intended when using "starts" but not when using "not starts".

Sorry for the late reply. That is strange. Can you try the "starts with" option but put a 0 (zero) in the lower threshold. This should do the same thing as it will only filter if "it does not occur that the IP starts with that string"

hello @Andreas G.,
We have several measures (one by type of List Page we have on the website). we regroup them in a business transaction to follow error rate/response time on all those mesures.
We have a security scan every day and it create a lot of error on our List Page.
So I would like to exclude it to this BT.
Here is the current configuration :

I added a measure which exclude the ips of our security scanner (Web Requests - Client IP ...) but it will take all tarffics which is not our security scan. we would like :

- Traffic which match one of our measures for List Page (PLP) AND which is not Security Scan.
is it possible ?
Do you have another better way ? all our BT/Dashboard use this way to work.
If we can remove this traffic in all our BT directly it's better.