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Excluding an URL's from Purepaths



We have 7.1 AppMon installed and we're interested in exclude the monitoring of some URL 's. Those are some like that: "". The reason is because a sonda authomatic is testing this url every 5 seconds and we don't want to hace those purepaths.
I've tried exclude as Servlet and as ASP:NET sensors, by doesn't work.
Any Idea, please?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Antonio,

The correct way of excluding URLs from monitoring is, as you mention, through the Sensor Properties for the Sensor Packs receiving the web request. In the case of .NET, you should have the Web Server (in case you're monitoring the IIS too) and ASP.NET sensor packs that will need editing.

Please ensure that you've applied the changes to all the relevant agent groups.

Best regards,


Thanks Radu,

I don't know the reason, but I changed the configuracion in Web Server and ASP.NET and, unfortunately, it doesn't work. I attached an image sensorconf.png. I apologize by my ignorance but I have some questions about that:

1) May it is necessary put the sensor just a "active" insted of "active and start Purepaths"?

2) May it is necessary field "Query"?

3) Have we re-start agents after change the sensor configuration?

Thanks and BR


Hi Antonio,

I see nothing wrong with your configuration.

1) For sensor packs like Servlets, ASP.NET, Web Server, the default setting is "Active and Start PurePaths" because these sensor packs are usually used in the beginning of transactions, so they need to be allowed to create PurePaths - there is nothing you should change here for what you're trying to achieve.

2) Query is only necessary when you also want to match against the query parameters of a URL (e.g. /Login.aspx?parameter1=abc)

3) These changes can be performed on the fly and do not require agent restart.

If you have verified that these options are present in both Web Server and ASP.NET sensor packs, and the changes were applied to all Agent Groups that receive these requests, you should not be seeing any more /Login.aspx purepaths.

You might have to open a support ticket to get further help on this issue.

Best regards,