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Execution Path Not Instrumented for RMI calls


Hi all,

I found a problem with RMI calls in a Java EE application, in pure paths I only see "Execution Path Not Instrumented", remote method invocation sensor is active...

Any ideas about this?

Also the application have lots of EJB, it's recommended to enable the EJB sensor?

Thnaks in advance!



Any idea about this? My customer is waiting for a response...

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


This means that we know that the transaction continues on that purepath but there is no instrumented method executed on that thread - thats why we say that nothing is instrumented. Which version of dynatrace do you use? because I think we made improvements in our auto sensors to also show data even though we do not have a method captured through our sensors

what you can do right now is to define a custom sensor of a method that you know gets executed on that thread. that should then show up including auto sensors

Hi Andreas,

the version is 6.2. Thanks!

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

hi Josep,

your PurePath looks a little weird. usually you should see an additional client-side RMI node above the Synchronous Invocation and an additional server-side RMI node below the Synchronous Path (RMI).

the PurePath as you see it suggests that the RMI tagging sensor works fine, but the RMI sensor itself - which should create the nodes that you can also see in the Remoting Dashlet - does not work as intended. you did not change some sensor settings in the client debug mode, did you?

so here's what I would suggest:

  • open a support ticket
  • attach as much information as possible, including
    • PurePath sessions
    • information about JVM, app server & RMI stack
    • and CPU sampling sessions of those agents while doing RMI calls would be great!
  • if you want you can also reference me, so the support team knows that we already communicated


Hi Christian,

thanks for your response, the PoC has ended and I don't have access to my customer environment now.