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Executor Tagging

What we've noticed is that when a JMS listener is being started, a pure path is spawned via doFilter (a web request triggers the starting of the listener)  to handle starting the JMS Listener.  What we experienced is that any subsequent messages being placed on a queue and that is picked up by the JMS Listener we just started is being attached to the start Listener pure path.  We found out that by setting the Executor tagging sensor to disabled, our problems were resolved. The start listener pure path would complete and the processing of incoming messages were not attached to the start listener pure path.

We don't want to blindly inactivate the sensor as we're not sure what we are losing.

Our question is, is there a way to exclude this scenario aside from inactivating the Executor tagging sensor?

Our team has tried to identify some custom code within that long running pure path we can exclude, but to no avail as in:



   ... doFilter

       CloneStarterImpl.process  - we've excluded this in the custom sensors but it didn't work





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Marra

You can exclude the URL of that special doFilter request in your Servlet Sensor. If the URL is something like "/launchListener" you can exclude it from starting a new PurePath. With that I think you achieve exactly what you want.