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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Expanding Dyntrace Server

I am looking for some guidance on how to expand dynatrace infrastructure. I am guessing most companies adapt to dynatrace with one oragnization and slowly other organizations within the company migrate and install dynatrace. Is it better to install separate instances of DT server on the same host and let individual organizations use and administer separately? Or is there any other alternative?

  I know I am asking an open ended question but I am just looking for some direction.




Hi. You will be restricted by how your license is set up. Typically a company will have one production license and one non-production license. In this case, you will have a production Dynatrace server and a non-production Dynatrace server. Within each server, you typically will have system profiles that resemble an organization within your business. This allows you to have users in Dynatrace with exclusive access and permissions to specific system profile(s). Hope this helps!

Thank you for your response. Apart from license, just to give some background of our infrastructure, we have 5 system profiles 3 collectors with failover setup and using 5 TB data in one week.

Have a bunch of applications defined and along with agent groups etc and our FE is hardly working. I am worried if another major organization uses the existing DT server+FE we might not survive or the filter list gets long and confusing.

I'm guessing FE stands for "Front End" server? If so, is your front end server on the same host as the back end server? If it is, you could try putting the front end on a different host. 

Does your server health dashboard indicate any problems? Skipped purepaths, skipped events, high CPU / mem, large queues / buffers?