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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Extend our mongodb appMon monitoring possibilities


Our teams feel that AppMon misses a lot of mongo db monitoring data. In relation to that, I would like to ask some help to know the possibilities here.

Two questions

We installed the mongodb .NET sensor pack and activated the sensors of our interest. We see the querry duration is incorrect (always 0.02), probably a bug. Important for our tems is to see a summary report (think of the mongo client api, which has the nice summarized report). Is it also possible with .NET framework?

We plan to design a mongodb plugin to capture and parse JSON stats by using the mongodb shell commands. Before we start, has someone an idea if it already exists?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Steven

I would open a support ticket in case you see the query duration always on 0.02. As for the other recommendations. This would be a good list of enhancements for a Product Idea but I would also go ahead with the plugin. This gives our engineering team great input in case they are bringing some of that functionality into the product



Hi @Steven L.

I am planning to install agents on Mongo DB as part of one of our application infrastructure. Does normal DB agent would be the one that need to be installed. I came across your question in community and looks like you have the agents installed on your Mongo DB. Could you help me with that?

Thanks in advance .


Hello Yamina,

Apart from a hosting agent, we did not install any other agents on the MongoDb server. We do imported the mongodb .NET sensor pack and activated the sensors of our interest. In that way we see some mongodb query's (for example the find query). This sensor pack instructs our .NET agents, running on the web servers, to instrument more information (mongo query's). As far as i know you will not have mongodb monitoring by installing the DB agent. The DB agent gets interesting information such as database cache query execution plans, however it is for only sqlserver, oracle, MySQL and DB2 for the moment. That's way we tent to write a dynatrace java plugin that could retrieve some important mongodb statistics. Hope this helps, if you have more questions let me know.

Mongodb fastpack:



@Steven L. Hi Steven, thank for the update. Would a host agent on server where Mongo DB is installed server the purpose or we would need a web server agent? also I already have few Java agents running on this server.

Thanks in adavnce