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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Extended Email Plugin encoding сyrillic issue

Hello Team,

Teare is problem with cyrillic encoding in subject email after that Dynatrace Server was migrated to Linux from Windows. While receiving incidents via email in subject ANSI and more unencoding symbols. Only ???? symbols.


Dynatrace Server v.


2017-05-19 16:10:25 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] setup method: pluginId is 'Incident Rule: |Identity String: ???????????||8020|null|admin|admin||465|true|true|null|true||||false|||false|||||||||||||||High|true|[dynatrace] |[Subject ???????????] |<Suffix>|<html>incidentRuleName is 'Incident Rule: ';
identityString is 'Identity String: ???????????';
hostNameToIpAddressRaw is '';
hostNameToIpAddress is '{}';
isEmailsFiltersCoupled is 'false';
mailsFiltersDependencyFile is '-';
froms is '';
EmailsFiltersCoupled indicator is false;
tos is '[]';
cc is '[]';
bcc is '[]';
Agents are 'null';
Agent Servers are 'null';
AgentGroups are 'null';
Monitors are 'null';
Monitor Servers are 'null';
Collectors are 'null';
Collector Servers are 'null';
Hosts are 'null';
html format is true;
subject prefix is '[dynatrace] ';
subject is '[Subject ???????????] ';
subject suffix is '<Suffix>';

1) I have changed the system Locale to ri_RU.utf8, but it did not help.

You can see user enviroment which running the process:

2) I have changed the some paremeters in dtserver.ini config:  -Duser.language=ru

However also it did not solve.

Maybe that this problem with locale java jre on Linux?



I see in log, that DTserver running with Locale ru_RU

2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server]  Version  built Mon May 08 13:24:07 EEST 2017
2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server]
2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server] Platform: Linux 3.10.0-229.4.2.el7.x86_64, amd64 64bit
2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server] vm: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.8.0_102, Oracle Corporation, mixed mode
2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server] Locale: ru_RU
2017-05-22 10:17:52 INFO [Server] Timezone: Eastern European Time

In log there are method setEmailSubject, but there are no more details

2017-05-19 16:10:26 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] Entering setEmailFields method
2017-05-19 16:10:26 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] Entering setEmailSubject method
2017-05-19 16:10:26 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] Entering setEmailBody method

I have found several ways for resolving, please assist.

1) I want to try make this paremeter:

System.setProperty ("mail.mime.charse", "Cp1252");

Please assist how I can add this into plugin?

2) Or how to set programatically in this plugin, bacuse with arguments in JVM it does not help.

The solution of problem is make system parameters: