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Extended Email Plugin restart


Hi all,

We noticed that email alerts which were configured to be sent out via Extended Email Plugin is not sending emails successfully. As checked, schedule reports are still successfully sending out, probably because these are generated by the server itself, not the plugin. I have also performed the test email verification, and able to receive email.

I have also checked on the plugin logs and server logs, there were no suspicious warning or error message just before the Extended Email Plugin starts to be not working. There were no changes made recently to the plugin.

I am suspecting that the plugin could be experiencing some glitch. Is there any way to trigger a 'service restart' for the Extended Email Plugin?

Does unticking and ticking the 'Action' box under Dynatrace Server Settings > Plugins > Extended Email Plugin triggers a plugin restart? Or do we need to perform a service restart on the Dynatrace Server 7.1 in this case?

Appreciate if there are any feedback from the community on this issue.





I'm facing the exact same issue. Extended Email Plugin is a critical piece to monitor prod env in my company