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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Extended Mail Action Plugin is not taking effect.

Hi @Eugene Turetsky

I have Configured Extended Mail Action Plugin to my incident rule. However its not taking effect and i do not see any mails. Is there any wrong in the settings?

NOTE if I select the send notification checkbox, It works. But with the old way.




You can see the logs from the email plugin in System Information -> (server name) -> Connected Systems -> (collector name) -> logs. That might help diagnose the problem.

You can change the logging level (e.g., to fine) in Settings -> Server -> Plugins -> (name of plugin) -> Properties.

Without seeing the logs, I'm just guessing, but I would try including a valid user and password in the fifth and sixth fields. Is the Incident Rule Name correct -- Heal Application System Health?

And are you sure you don't need a username and password to connect to your SMTP server?

-- Graeme

Hello Srinivas, Check if you have done SMTP server setting correctly in services. You should put "localhost" in place of DT server, Put the credentials for ADMIN user (plugin requires credentials because it runs on DT server).

@Graeme Williams

Will this option works? I want to redirect mail alerts to different support team based on the agent groups. Can i add 2 extended mail action plugin entry filtering by different agent groups?

I have set up like this and there is an incident created under this Host CPU Unhealthy host monitoring incident rule, but i do not see any mails trigered. More over I do not see any entries in the logs even in the FINER level. There is not even a single line for this alert triggered in the logs.

@Eugene Turetsky @Graeme Williams

Do you know why this setting does not work. I have created multiple actions with extended mail action plugin filtering by agent groups. However I see the incidents firing, but not the mail. I do see in the logs that all the steps it takes and no errors is logged. But i dont see the mail alerts. below is the screenshot and i have attached the logs too.



Are you sure you don't need a password to authenticate with your SMTP server?

Does a simpler example work, with a single action and no agent groups specified?

-- Graeme

@Graeme Williams

Yes. This works fine for the normal alerts without agent groups. Password not required. That is tested ok.

Thanks and Regards


Hi @Graeme Williams

I see the below warnings in the logs during this incidents creation based on the agent group. However i do not see any errors and also i dont have the mails recieved for this. I have set up the logs upto finer level.

2016-03-15 03:02:40 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] logSourcesFilters method: Collector names: no entries with type Collector
2016-03-15 03:02:40 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] logSources method: Server names: '[]'
2016-03-15 03:02:40 FINER [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] logSources method: Server source references: '[]'
2016-03-15 03:02:40 WARNING [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] execute method: Incident(s) were raised but notification e-mail was not sent.
2016-03-15 03:02:40 WARNING [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] Entering logIncidents method
2016-03-15 03:02:40 WARNING [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] processEmails method: populated incidents collection: size of the Incidents Collection is 1
2016-03-15 03:02:40 WARNING [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] processEmails method: Incidents Collection: Entry 1: # of incident's violations: 0
2016-03-15 03:02:40 WARNING [MailExecutor@com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugins.extendedmailreport.action] processEmails method: Incidents Collection: Entry 1: ServerName: 'vhpukdtmonitor01'



We can filter on the agents so I would like to know if we can fiilter on the applications and also the URIs. Or is there an alternative solution for this so we can focus the incidents (based on the application or the URI context) to be directed to specific individuals.



Incident(s) were raised but notification e-mail was not sent

This message may appears when the plugin are filtering the notification. The common case of appearence is when the plugin es configured to raise a notification only for AgentGroup 'A', but the incident rule was triggered by AgentGroup 'B'. Another case is when the condition measure used to create an incident rule doesn't have checked the flag "create
a measure for each agent" or "create
a measure for each host" in its settings, so the plugin can't obtain which agent/host/group was responsible for the incident