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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

External API calls (in JVM) do not appear in transaction flow


ive followed the documentation at, and for some weird reason, DT doesn't want to CONSISTENTLY show my method calls to an external service (specifically Redis) as an external API call. It sometimes appears after restarting the JVM.. and then totally disappears.

There's only 2 methods mapped to the "external API" definition..

The methods do not start PP's (though i dont think that should matter)

Any clues what i'm doing wrong / can do to troubleshoot?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Satish,

I would recommend you the following steps to troubleshooting what is happening:

- Verify if the method still appears in some Purepaths(PP), when the external API call disappears from the transaction flow
- If you are able to find a PP with that call, check the transaction flow of that specific purepath (you can open the transaction flow tab, instead of the PP tree or drilldown from that PP to transaction flow)
- Then if the method appears in the PP and not in the Transaction Flow. Verify if you have placed a custom sensor on that method and selected as External API (+hot sensorplacement/restart of the process to apply the sensor)

If after all this steps you are still facing issues it may be a bug, but I would need much more information to help you.

Best regards


Hi Rodrigo,

thanks for helping..

1) Method does appear in ALL PP's.. i also have measures defined on these methods, and they work. Not sure if that is causing a conflict.

2) i do have a custom sensor on that method, and it is selected as "external API". JVM has been restarted.. nothing appears in transaction flow,

In this case I think having two different things captured can affect the external API behavior. AS with the "external API" you already are capturing some information to print the URL of the endpoint.
But this should be confirmed from dev or support team.