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External service calls



how can I define a BT to show all purepaths with a specific external service call? My external service is acessed by executeMethod from Web Resquest API and in arguments column in the purepath tree I see the IP from the external service.

I'm intereste in filter all purepaths to only see those who are calling this external service and also in measure the time expend in that call.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


In this case your PurePaths makes a call to a Web Service. The method executeMethod is picked up by our Web Service Sensor. So - what you need to do is to right click on that node in the PurePath and select "Create Business Transaction" on that node. The Create Measure Dialog will come up and will give you the options to create a Filter Measure of type Web Request - Time. If you select that Measure Type it will automatically pre-populate the URL. Now set the upper severe threshold to 1 and select Filter.

You now have a BT that will show you those PurePaths that make a call to this Web Service.

There are other options as well, e.g: I assume the executeMethod is not the only node in the PurePath that is picked up for this web service call. You probably also see a send method that contains full URL and some additional web service details. You could do the same thing on that node as well and select the "Web Services - Count" measure with an upper sever threshold of 1

If you want you can also attach a PurePath or just send me a couple of them via email as explained in my "Share Your PurePath" program - -> I am happy to take a look and send you feedback