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F5 injections and CORS



I'm facing a problem at a customer site where the network architecture is as illustrated in the picture.

What I/we would like to do, is to get UEM-data from "WebSRV" (to the right) to "SRV05" (bottom left). Since the "WebSRV" has old software, we cannot install a web server agent on that machine.

What has been discussed is to inject the JS-agent on the F5, for the ip-ranges that need UEM-data capture. And that said data is to be sent to a web server agent on "SRV03" and further on to the "SRV05" where the DT collector and server is residing.

Is this possible to do? If it is, could you please lend a helping hand? If not, what who can this be solved otherwise?

Many thanks in advance!



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ali,

here is a documentation how to create an irule for F5 that injects the JS bootstrap tag:

Here is an exported pdf version of the internal page: how-to-use-f5-big-ip-load-traffic-manager-to-injec.pdf

Best regards,


Thank you for the answer, Dominik. Unfortunately there is nothing under that link, at least not for me.

I exported the page to pdf for you and added it to the answer above.


So basically, add the iRule to F5. Install the web agent on the SRV03 server, send the dynatraceMonitor to that server?

Yes thats how it should work.

Hi, since this topic is already from 2016, and Dynatrace develops fast and beyond, is this approach still valid and possible? the JavaScript Bootstrap Agent in combination with F5 BIG-IP LTM is likely to still be a valid solution. Would love to hear of actual implementations.

(perhaps we need a "best-before date" on articles ;-))