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Feed one Web dashboards from multiple system profiles


Hello all,

I am trying create an overview dashboard for business level persons that own multiple applications in different system profiles. The overview dashboard is made up of alerts with links to specific dashboards,

For example.

Level One: App "a" status overview, App "b" status, and App "c" status

Level 2 per application dashboard contains : App "a" host status, App "a" BT JVM status, App "a" Transaction status

Level 3 Details per level two dashboard contains: App "a" host CPU, App "a" host memory... etc

The idea is filter specific information defined by the app team. Unfortunately, I think the web dashboards can only provide information from 1 system profile.

I can do this in the client without any issue but managers don't want to install the client plus lack of visibility on the go.. (no mobile device access to the client).


Erick Z. Brambila



Hey Erick,

I would love the ability in the client to do what you've described. It'd be nice to issue a report using a client dashboard, for example. However, what you're describing isn't possible in the web dashboard. A lot more functionality is coming down the pipe in 7.0, but as far as I know this isn't part of that release.




Hi Chase,

You can feed a dashboard from multiple system profiles even different servers in the client (Not web start client), that is not an issue. The report however, is not doable if you want to schedule it on the server because one server cannot connect to another server but different system profiles you can.

I figured it was not possible in web dashboard... let's hope for more functionality in upcoming versions.


Erick Z. Brambila


I just wanted to add that you can report on multiple DT servers and systems profiles in one dashboard (in the desktop client), however, you will have to run the report manually. I've found that I needed to make sure all the dashlets refresh and are populated before running the report to ensure all data is in the report (this was on many DT servers in past versions).



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


multi system profile support for web dashboards will be available with 7+. Will be available one month after GA of 7.0 (7.0 GA May 2017, 7+June/July 2017).


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Erick,

Web dashboards with data from multiple system profiles has been added in the 7.0.6 update. For each tile of your dashboard, you have an advanced settings section allowing you to override the inheritance from the main dashboard. You can then select a different System Profile and a different Application as the data source for your tile. Actually, in a future version, you will even be able to select a stored session as a source.

See also release notes, second section :