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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Filter and report the First 5 User Actions of a visit

Hi Friends

I am trying to get the total visits for a day and extract the first 5 user actions user did after they login.

Is it possible to create a dashboard for this? If so, can someone help me with this.





Hey Girish

If you want it in a dashboard, you can pick timeframe today: with a dashlet specific filter Analysis => click path result limit: 10. 5 is impossible I think. But you want to extract the data? Then i would recommend an REST-call to the dashboard to get an XML of the dashboard. Then you can easily manipulate it to only get the data you want.

Hi Ynias

To try out, I created a BT with filters on user action - upper severe 2. However it is still picking visits that has user actions count greater than 1 and above. Can you advise what need to be corrected in the configuration setup.


Sorry for the late answer, the threshold (upper severe) is for reporting purposes, thats it. I don't really get why your making a bussiness transaction, by default captures dynatrace all the visists.