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Filtering Business Transaction Result Charts by Visit

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Team,

I've built a few User Action based Business Transactions to count user actions that are either Satisfied, Tolerating, or Frustrating.

I'm trying to create a drilldown dashboard for individual visits, that contains a chart with results from each of these Business Transactions so that I can display the amount of each grouping of User Action.

The User Action Business Transactions function, but when I drilldown to my dashboard from a visit I get all data within the timeframe of that visit instead of just user actions that belong to that visit.

For Example: a visit might last for 5 minutes and contain 15 user actions, but my charts that visualize these business transactions will total over 100 user actions, visualizing all the user actions for the 5 minutes the visit occured.

(I tried being clever and building a Visit based BT that calculated the results of the other three User Action based BTs, but that did not work.)

Any ideas or tips?



As you lay it out it's not possible, since the Performance Warehouse data is not arbitrarily filterable by Visit. It's using the only available context info (timeframe, and maybe also Application) to filter your chart. What you may want to use instead is a User Actions dashlet that groups by "ApdexZone"

Hope that helps,

Rick B

Hi Rick,
Your suggestion in regard to the User Action dashlet worked. I guess I will have to settle for that. I wanted to turn that data into a chart, but I don't see a way to do it.

Thank you 🙂