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Filtering UEM visits on java based application



I've been trying to figure out how to filter a specific value of a
string located within the Session Attribute. The attribute is userProfile which contains a large string and the value that we want is the one that states userName. When I try to filter on that specific value, it basically starts the string on userName instead of giving me only the value of userName. I've attached some screenshots that explain what I'm trying to do.

Screenshot 1: Is an example from another System Profile that we have but this one is .Net based application.

Screenshot 2: Is the value that I'm trying to filter down the same way like is shown on Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 3: Is the current setup of the BT.

Screenshot 4: Is the current setup of the measure that I'm using.

Screenshot 5: It's how is displayed in the UEM Visits.


Hi Pedro,

Could you upload a single visit session file so I can play with it on my end? It looks like your regex should work get you the value of userName and not include "userName=" but it will include everything else in the session attribute.


Hi Dan,

Can I send it to you directly?

Sure Pedro, click on my username to see my email address.

I'm not able to see it.

Ah ok, it's daniil.benyaminov @

In case this helps anyone later, the issue was that Pedro was getting the entire string after the username. By changing the regex to “userName=(.*) full” only the username is captured and the rest of the session attribute is discarded.