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Filtering or splitting by dependencies


I'm trying to figure out the best way how to show information like exceptions per dependency. Not all but specific ones. The monitored solution is calling a lot of core services and I want have a nice picture to show the health of those back-end services. A web UI would be preferable for a dashboard.



The Transaction Flow should work great for that.

Since appmon 6.5 it is also available in the Web UI, and you can reorder and group your services there, so you only have the relevant back end services visible if that is what you want.

Hi Patrick,

Many thanks!

I didn't noticed that web UI is better now in this. And I can use Observed Tiers here too, configured in the rich client. Cool!

But still I don't see a way how to see dependency exceptions here. I'd like to see here Execution time or Duration, too, because the solutions asynchronous calls are quick in response. Even more I want to apply a Business Transaction on the view because I want to filter requests by a host header.

Any ideas?

If you use appmon version 7, you have a lot more features in the web UI, e.g. the errors Dashboard, maybe that helps with the exceptions.

You can't filter for specific Business Transactions like you can in the rich client, however you could build a custom dashboard with the measures of that business transaction in the web UI.

AppMon 7 is even better but for my solution the error Dashboard is not so good yet. I have 3-5K transactions per minute and need more filtering to get some sense out of pure exception count.

Regarding BT, can I create it for a specific dependency call or I need to stick with a method with an argument as a measure?