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Fixpack 7.0.13 got hung due to corrupt plugin


Hi Team, We applied Fixpack 7.0.13 in our production environment out of which two of Dynatrace server got hung. When we checked the logs we found that the error as "

Corrupt plugin detected: update@conf/plugins/com.dynatrace.diagnostics.plugin.extended.GenericExecutionPlugin_5.5.21.jar. This will cause startup issues for the WebUI and the REST services - please remove this bundle and start the server again.: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.discovery.Discovery initWithContext:244".

We had to manually remove the corrupt plugin and re-run the Fixpack.

We raised a support ticket SUPDT-40897 and Takeshi Osawa has advised us to put this to Forum for detail analysis. Please revert if you require more information.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This is outside of where I can help deep down troubleshoot but what I can say is we have that plugin installed and had no issues in installing that fixpack. It is the version we are currently on.

Logs no show sign of the plugin being corrupt on our side.


Hi James,

Thanks for the reply.

So are you suspecting that plugin must have been corrupt before we applied Fixpack?


I really couldn't say, just adding some information. What I would try if it is possible to test this is simply reinstalling the plugin and perhaps making sure all the settings are back to default.

Want to confirm one more doubt ... Can this issue reappear next time? If yes what precausions we should take from our end?

I have never experienced that and cannot make any recommendations. I suppose I would just be ready to reinstall the plugin if that in some way is related to your issue.

Thank you James for your thoughts on the issue.

But again we are not satisfied with the supports reply on the issue. We are sure the plugin was working fine before we applied the Fixpack. Something happened while applying Fixpack which corrupted the plugin and Fixpack installation got hung.

Also if Dynatrace encounters the error 'Corrupt plugin detected', it should have handled the situation (something like disabling the corrupt plugin) and continue with Fixpack installation. Why we should remove plugin manually and do the whole process again?