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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Found dtautosensor in Dyantrace triggered Thread Dump

Hello All,

We are using dynatrace on Production Environment.

As we were observed Hung Thread count high, we took Thread Dump for a JVM instance (IBM WebSphere 8.5) using dynatrace thread dashboard. We found the top thread with name dtautosensor in thread dump taking up more than 47 minutes of 3 hrs, as shown in snapshot.


I am not sure if this is okay, but if anyone could explain me why Is this present in my thread dump would be helpful.

Is it because with DT agent?

Please Help.


Rajesh Swarnkar.




It's the Dynatrace thread that checks the application threads for long or frequently-running "hotspot" methods.

It certainly could be a problem.  I recommend you open a support case.  You'll need a support archive along with the thread dump.

-- Graeme

Okay, Graeme. I'll raise a support case. Thank you.

Hello, It seems DT Auto sensors provide detailed info in the PurePaths tree. One should disbale Autosensors if not needed or in heavy load production. In case of issue, these can be enabled.

Also control the level of detail level by going into Custom Profile-> Tier -> Agent Mapping -> advanced -> Auto Sensor -> Low or default.

Regards, Rajesh.