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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

From the attached screenshot find Network time , server time and estimated client time?



PFA screeshot. i need to get the values for N/w contribution , server contribution and Client time contribution. in the screenshot i can see nw and server contribution as null. also the the node loading of page [ load_load] shwoing as 566116 ms, and down i can see on Load handler executions of page [_onload-load] showing 559125 ms. what does this mean ?

i wanted to know how to do the analysis in this scenario? and what kind of steps we need to take to have better performance /responseuseraction-page-may-29.jpg?






1. Server Contribution is calculated for all request and PP for front-end and back-end path. For this task you need working Java/.NET or Web-server Agents

2. Network contribution is only available if the PurePath visit possesses a bandwidth value.

To see the Network Contribution metric, the two following options must be enabled:

  • Capture of the request/response size in sensor properties.
  • Bandwidth calculation in the UEM properties.

To enable those:

Enable capture of the request/response size.

  1. Open the System Profile editor, expand the required Agent Group/Tier, and select the sensor, responsible for web requests: Servlet, Java Web Services, or Web Server.
  2. Select the Measure request/response sizes check box.
  3. Save your changes.

Enable bandwidth calculation.

  1. In the System Profile editor, select User experience > <your application>.
  2. Scroll down to the Web applications section and expand it.
  3. Select the Calculate bandwidth and refresh every check box.
  4. Set the time period for bandwidth evaluation.
  5. Save your changes.

Wait some time for the new traffic to come, and see the results.


Thanks Andrey.

again do i need to select the chek box for all web requests: Servlet, Java Web Services, or Web Server?

also again from the above screenshot how to do /start the analysis?

the node loading of page [ load_load] showing as 566116 ms, and down we can see on Load handler executions of page [_onload-load] showing 559125 ms and few XHR actions are having similiar values. what does it mean? does the ajax action[s] taking more time?





Loading of page - it is total user's Action time

Another _onload-load - it is time of sub action

I think you can find a lot of useful information on this page

thanks again Andrey.. will come back to you if any questions.