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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Frontend server health.


Have been seeing following alerts regarding frontend server health. Could anyone help me in understanding the below message and what could be the cause for same-

GC health of process 'DT_Server_Frontend@wvusstldts:0' is not ok. The process constantly spent more than 15% of it's execution time for Garbage Collection in the last 5 minutes.

We also see low memory alerts very often on our frontend server , due to which our server also cannot be reached.

We are currently on 6.5 latest version, and environment configuration is large.

Thanks in advance!



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Well the likeliest cause is that the frontend server process is starved for memory, and causes for this could be an undersized deployment or a high number of clients connecting at times putting too much load on the frontend server. This calculator may be able to help you determine if it may be a sizing issue:

I'd also look at the deployment health dashboards (can be accessed in the cockpit) to see if there are any patterns as to when these incidents occur and what other metrics can be correlated with them (e.g a lot of client connections or maybe the busiest time of the day). There is one dashboard dedicated to the frontend server that may have some useful info.

If you don't end up being able to identify the cause on the forums you may be able to get some assistance from support, though they will likely start in these areas as well.


@James K. Thanks . I did try looking at the frontend server health dashboard could not see anything.

We are currently at the large environment for our server . The agent count is within 300 but collectors connected to server are 10 (it should be 6 according to documentation-

What could be the cause of issue in this case. Could it be large no. of client connections?

Thanks and Regards.