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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

FrontendServer.ini memory configuration best practise


We have just upgraded to dynaTrace 6.3 and in the DT Client, under - Configure setting -> Settings -> Sizing .. it is defined as Medium sizing. In the DT guide states medium sizing spec recommendation for the server should be 7GB and it supports 5 DT clients. However in our machine spec we have 64 GB of RAM (but the SQL server is local) and we have around 10 to 15 DT concurrent clients and around 10 system profiles.

We have started to notice in the DT client, the loading of data views (for monthly reports) can now take a long time to load or sometimes they don't even load because it states there is not enough memory.

I have looked at the frontendserver.ini and have seen that there is now a flag for memory


Could we change this flag to say "large" or "xlarge" to try and deal with the slowness and memory issues for our DT client/s considering we have 64 GB of RAM (I think 18GB is assigned to SQL), i.e. is the memory = medium in the frontendserver.ini only specific to the amount of RAM, or more? Or do we need to consider increasing the overall spec or splitting the DT servers into 2?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Stuart,

Could you please post a screenshot of the "not enough memory" error message? If it's client memory, you have to change the configuration in the client itself, not in the server ini files.

Please have a look in the Client Configuration documentation page to see where you can change the memory settings for the Client.


@Stuart G. what is the maximum heap memory allocated to the dynaTrace client? why im asking this because it might not be a problem of ini file but low dynatrace heap memory and you need to increase it.

Go to Settings->DTclient