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GE Monitors execution failure


Hi Team,

We use GE monitors to capture the orders count and configured
incident using this monitor to trigger alert if there is no order request for

Now we started facing few issues with this monitors.

  • 1)Few monitors fails without any cause and we are
    unable to find anything in the logs but after few hours it automatically start works
    fine and other set of monitors started failing. When I see the error message I strongly
    feels that this monitor for particular time is unable to access the configured
    dashboard. No such trace why it is.

  • 2) The measured peak value in alert description
    always shows 1 even though if the count is more but if we set threshold Lower
    sever to “0” then it display correct value which is “0”.
  • Question
    – do availability monitors shows measured peak value only in 0 and 1 as we configured
    available value = “1” and unavailable value = “0”? If my assumption is correct
    then probably it will solve my other queries.

  • 3) Recently we missed few alerts, as per condition
    this incident should alert if there is no order for 15min and we did not
    receive any order for market X for 1 hour and 15 minutes and this monitor alerted
    after 1 hour of no orders which seems to be weird behavior from Dynatrace.

Question - We have set our dashboard(Admin – measure Availability) to
show last “one hour” data, I am suspecting that this monitors have no such
access apart from the configured dashboard to verify the count and if yes then
probably dashboard calculate last one hour data and gives the output to monitor
hence we have received alert with 1 hour delay even though we set evaluation timeframe as 15mins.

4) We always receive two alerts for single
incident, not sure why. Attaching snapshot.

Please let me know if you need any other details.



Is this monitors only work for Lower sever threshold? because when i set upper threshold its even not alerting.


Can any one please look into this issue?


Suraj Gupta