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General Execution plugin not fetching dynamic values from Dynatrace to Zenoss


Hi everyone,
Can someone help in here. I'm trying get the Dynatrace integration done with Zenoss. I have installed GE Plugin for this. I have created a .bat file with the required arguments and with static values and executed successfully which triggered an event in Zenoss. But when I use GE Plugin to trigger an event, it did not work. I have created a Test Incident - Test Incident_CPU, measure name CPU Total Time. In Action -advance option i have added GEP. GEP has given the command string - the .bat file location

  • "C:\Program
    Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5\server\File.bat" ${VIOLATED_MEASURE_NAME} ${AGENT_NAME}

which should trigger an event at the time of incident creation in DT with dynamic measure values. But it did not execute as expected. Can someone help me with the steps if possible. Many thanks in advance.