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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Generic Execution Plugin on Incidents not triggering

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

I'm using the Generic Execution Plugin to send Web Services Calls to an external service for ticketing purposes. After configuring everything I tried the plugin on a Task, and it worked. I used some variables such as ${VIOLATION_MEASURE} and ${AGENT} amongst others, and they appear empty on the JSON answer from the external server. This seems to me the right behavior, since there is no Incident "attached" to the task, right?

After testing that it works on a Task, I configured it for one Incident (Failure Rate too high). I configured it the same way as before and let it run. My surprise came when there were no tickets opened even though there were some Failure Root Too High Incident active.

I already set the log level to Finer Granularity, but still looking for another incident to raise and see if there is any logs. My final questions are just below the next picture.

- Am I doing the right steps? Is this a good way to use the plugin?

- When the incident plugin raises a ticket to the external Service, if the call has the variables (${PUREPATH_1} or ${AGENT}) will those be filled and send with PurePath-related information inside?

- Where can I see if the call after an Incident has been actually raised? And the answer from the server? When I tested it as a Task it was very easy to see the captured answer from the external server, just hovering over it in the client. Now I don't know where to look the answer from the external server.





Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Once you have another incident generated the logs will probably help, we use this plugin for the same purpose although we use the web service functionality as opposed to a curl command. One other thing that will help is to set up an email action using the extended email plugin and include a similar message with the same variables in the body so that you can see when the incident is firing and what is being populated in those variables.

If you are able to create some tickets for testing that would make it easier to since you can make some incidents that you can control when they fire. Also this use case is one where I find smart alerting to be very helpful in preventing "spamming" a system with tickets.


@James K. Thanks, that was really helpful! 🙂 I've seen that Incidents actually happened, but still can't find any logs. I'm looking in System Information for something like 'Generic' or 'Plugin' but nothing shows up. Any tip here?

Also, in the plugin there is the possibility to check the option of capture the answer from the server. I see it on 'details' when used it as a Task, but where can I see the answer from the server when triggered after an incident?