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Generic Measure Monitoring Plugin Measurement frequency


Hi all

We are trying to get SilkPerformer clientside measurements in Dynatrace using the Generic Measure Monitoring Plugin. Now we face the problem that it seems we are only able to get one Measurement with a given name every 10 seconds.

Let me clarify the problem with a sample:

script start
<do something>
<send measure name 1, e.g. http://dtcollector:4000/genericmeasurement?Measur...>
<do some more>
<send measure name 2, e.g. http://dtcollector:4000/genericmeasurement?Measure...>
<wait 10s>
script end

When I do this 100 times with 1 user everything is fine but when I do this 100 times with 10 parallel users I still get only 100 measures per name.

Is there a way to get around this problem or do we have to aggregate the results and send them after the script is finished (which makes the presentation in Dynatrace nearly impossible when there is only 1 value per measure)?

Regards Dieter