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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Getting Partial Data in UEM for iOS Mobile Aplplication


For some of the iOS Application we are getting partial data in User experience Section in Dynatrace.

e.g In one of the application we are getting data only for app loading , No other activities captured by dynatrace.

But We are getting all activities for the same application on Android Platform.

We are following steps to instrument the iOS Application (xcode Project) mentioned in Dynatrace Documentation

Link  - iOS ADK Setup and Instrumentation

Kindly Suggest how we can resolve this  issue.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


I assume in both cases you used Auto-Instrumentation? Have you looked at the changes the auto-instrumentor made to your iOS App code? Would be interesting to see whether it picked up the right spots. the Auto instrumentation feature is a great way to get started but it may not capture 100% of the actions you are interested in. Thats why you can also make your custom calls to our Mobile ADK to "complete" the picture.

I will forward this internally as well. If you need urgent help I suggest you open a support ticket




Could you please get me what version of the mobile ADK you are using? There is a public Mobile ADK fixpack that is available. The version is and is located on our download page ( at the bottom under "Agent Development Kit". Also, when test for data, make sure that you are leaving the application running long enough for the data to be sent to the server. The default send interval is 120 seconds and is configurable via the client.

If you are not on the latest public fixpack, I would recommend that you try it first to see if this solves your problem. If you are still experiencing the same issue after installing the fixpack, then it would be helpful if I could get the log that is produced when running the application.