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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Getting error while creating memory dumps


when creating trending memory snapshot, getting below error after 10 minutes

Cannot generate Memory Snapshot for Agent with process id XXXX because there is no such Agent connected or a general error occurred.

But the process is running & the agent show up in dynatrace. When checked dtserver log, see the below message.

INFO [MemoryDumpTask] Creating Memory Dump for agentinfo[sessionReference=LiveSession[systemId=XXX], agentGroupReferenceKeyId=XXX, agentMappingReferenceKeyId=XXX, host='hostname' processId=XXXX, mode=direct]
WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Dump Watchdog timeout: did not reach state 'readWriteData' after timeout of 600s, ending Dump
WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Canceling Memory Dump since we did not receive any data from the agent
WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] New state 'finished' does not match expected state 'readWriteData'
INFO [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Finished creating memory dump for agent XXX@hostname:xxxx
WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Unable to switch to new state 'finished' because dump task has already finished
WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Memory dump canceled or failed for agent xxx@hostname:xxxx
WARNING [MemoryDumpTask] Skipped auto post-processing Memory Dump since error occured while dump creation

Can anyone help pls



Any one with reason why the error happened?


After restart application Agent will have another process id XXXX.

Maybe you was need chose new agent for this app (agent with another process id XXXX)