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Gomez response time and Dyatrace UEM response time are not close


I have created a dashboard in Dynatrace using the out of the box Synthetic Gomez Page Actions. I have 4 steps in my Gomez transaction and my BT graph shows the 4 steps. When I compare the Gomez response times with the UEM response times they are very different.

Home Page Personal ID Password/Account Logout

Gomez 3.178 s, 1.31s 3.8s 4s

Load time of BT 1.98s 1.25a 3.4s 2.7s

The Personal ID and Password/Account are close so they look ok. However, the Home Page and Logout are too far apart. They are both calculating the average for the prior 24 hours, not sure why these 2 metrics would be so far apart.


Hi Marilyn,

Did you check that the UEM time you provided contains only the server time without network and browser times?

Otherwise this could explain the difference, if your BT does only take the server time into account. But I'm not familiar with Gomez and the BTs you are talking about, so it is just a thought.