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Graph/Report Baseline and violations


I'm looking to graph or report the baseline for business transactions that are set up in the Application Overview.  It would be great to create a table to display the value of the baseline for the past X days, and also align it with the number of violations for the past X days.

This would also be helpful for creating incidents based off the baseline numbers.

I know there's the Baseline Chart dashlet, but it's not configurable and quite cumbersome to look at each business transactions values.

Is this possible or should this go into RFE forum?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi. This would be an RFE. Right now we are limited with the baseline values to only show up in our AppOverview and in the Baseline Charts that you can extract from the APpOverview. If you want to use it somewhere else you cant do this in the moment