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Grouping REST Calls on the Web Requests Dashlet


I like to use the Web Requests dashlet for seeing summary type information, often CPU Sum and CPU Avg. However, individual REST web calls show up individually because of the unique URL aspect. I've also reviewed the Web Services dashlet, and again, really useful but one loses the sortable context with the other Web Requests.

It doesn't seem that BTs solve this for me. I'd have to define far more BTs than I have an interest in defining/managing/scrolling through in the client.

Is there a way on the Web Requests dashlet to group, conceptually via regex, our Web Service REST calls?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Mike,

two thoughts come to mind, first have you checked out the filtering options for the given web request dashlet? It offers many options in terms of filtering on various aspects.

The only other option that comes to mind here for me should the web request dashlet filter settings not be enough would be to go the BT route. I would create a web request filter using the regex rules you provided. From there i would create the BT to have that filter be the only critera, then apply that BT as a filter in a web request dashlet. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, Nathan.

I'm not really looking for filtering, but for grouping. There's variability to our REST calls' patterns, so I want to group them and assess those multiple REST call grouping relative to our other web requests.

The out-of-the-box grouping options on the Web Requests dashlet doesn't get me there.

As to using BTs, as per my original posting, I don't want to go there. With no other solution, I'll just cobble together information by looking at the Web Requests and the Web Services dashlets separately, which is not ideal.



Hello Mike,

Have you tried using ctrl+f to just have the web request or web service dashlet show the calls that you are interested in? I see that one of your regex strings has a .* at the end. If you type everything before that into the search field it should provide the same result.


David Nicholls

Well, the ctrl+f filters out everything else, including REST web request strings that differ from that filter string. I want to see these grouped, but remaining in the context of the normal Web Requests to see how they stack up in terms of CPU load, execution time, bytes sent/received, etc.

The ctrl+f is effectively what I have in the Web Services dashlet, though the latter is better because it provides method name.

I'm thinking it's not possible and suspected as much. It's like I want some kind of _set_ of regular expressions applied in the Web Requests context(s) to group REST URIs with a name, and to consider them a different Web Request per REST URI group, of which we have quite a few. Further, the ability to Drill-Down > PurePaths.

I really want a blending of the Web Requests and Web Services dashlet.