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HELP with possible memory leak detection



I need help to understand what I am seeing in the image I am attaching.
We noticed that the JAVA process was consuming too much memory just like the HEAP memory.
We executed a MEMORY LEAK SNAPSHOT and could observe instances that were too large.
What I see in the image of the SNAPSHOT does not end up being clear to me.
I appreciate help to verify that this is probably a reason for that MEMORY LEAK.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


From what i can see, you've got a Hashmap which takes up 5+g of memory. That hashmap refers to the org.apache.catalina.session object which I'm assuming is the sessions that are part of Tomcat.

The Tomcat session object refers to another hashmap which refers to the dogma.QueryBean, which refers to an ArrayList that contains 3.7million records, each of which are com.dogma.vo.qryRowShowVo, each about 1.67k in size. So each QryRowShowVo object itself isn't large, there's just too many of them as the sum of all of them is about 3.87G of space, which makes up most of the overall hashmap object which is huge (5.27G).

Conclusion: Someone is storing a com.dogma.bean.query.QueryBean which has a com.dogma.vo.QueryVO object in the session and it's got too many QryRowShowVo instances in it.

Hope that helps