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HI Team,Can we get OS and device names of the users For ex: Samsung, I phone etc


Actual requirement:

Customer application is being accessed both from Desktop and mobile browser (there is no mobile app as such. Only desktop application is being accessed through mobiles)

So, customer wants know how many users are accessing application from mobile and details like mobile name(like samsung, apple..) and OS.

Please guide us on how to display above details in dashboard.



Such data are not available from Javascript in browser. So rum agent is not able to get them.


Hi Sebestian,

Here in your reply I did not get the "RUM" agent part as we are using APPMON na

Can you please elaborate your statement so that I can explain same to the customer.

Thanks in Advance

Please Respond ASAP

Thank you

Sorry, but UEM is the same. There is no option for catching such data from javascript itself. Browser doesn't have access to such information.