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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

HI team,How to monitor applications which is resided in Dockers by Using APPMON Setup Environment.


If we have 4 different docker containers in an OS, and we need to moniter applications inside those dockers, do we install one dynatrace agent in server(and that moniters all the applications inside all dockers) or do we need to install agents in each docker?



There are two main approaches to monitoring apps in Docker containers with AppMon. You can either create a Docker image with just the AppMon agent and attach it to each container which needs monitoring (Composition-based approach) or make the AppMon agent part of the base image file and modify its configuration using dockerfiles (Inheritance-based approach). You can find documentation providing examples, pros/cons, etc. for each approach at the following link:

If you are using Kubernetes or OpenShift to manage your Docker containers, the setup is slightly different, and the documentation for that case can be found here: