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HI team, I have APPMON setup and I want monitor the application which are there in dockers and in which Dockers are arranged in LINUX OS.


Do we require agent per OS or agent per docker?
If we have 4 different docker containers in an OS, and we need to moniter applications inside those dockers, do we install one dynatrace agent in server(and that monitors all the applications inside all dockers) or do we need to install agents in each docker?

Is possible to monitor?



For AppMon you need one agent per process inside the docker containers you want to instrument.

Host based agents with container auto instrumentation are only available for Dynatrace SaaS/Managed.

thank you:)
Means per JVM we need agent correct? It is not going to install on docker.

what we will do ,we will install the agent in OS(linux) and configure the agent path in application server which is present in the Docker.

So here no Docker installation thing over here Correct?

Yes, you could install the agent on the OS an mount it to the containers. It works like a "normal" AppMon agent, no docker instrumentation.

Need urgent reply on the below query
Thanks in Advance!!