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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

HP/UX Host Monitoring Agent ??

Hi All, we recently upgraded from server monitoring to host monitoring using AppMon 6.5. That said, I can't find a dedicated host agent for HP/UX. In the meantime, I'm using the SSH unix plugin, but it kind of messes up the user experience in terms of the topology/tile views etc. Also, we have a long running memory leak problem which used to show up nicely in server monitoring but is not visible using any of the unix plugin counters. Any ideas, input etc. would be appreciated.



Hello Gregor,

For AppMon there are two types of agents: Host agents for infrastructure monitoring (like CPU and memory)and Deep Dive agents for Java/.Net/etc application monitoring + host monitoring. The deep dive agents are going to be needed if you want to capture User Experience data and memory dumps. Basically, the deep dive agents will provide more relevant information than host agents. You can investigate more about the different types of agents using these links:

Host Agents:

Deep Dive Agents:


David Nicholls

Hi David

Thanks for the response, we are running a mix of .NET, web server (IIS & Apache) and windows host agents. As far as I can see, there is no host agent install for HP/UX and the Unixes supported are Solaris, AIX and the combined linux/unix agent. I'm not sure what is covered under the linux/unix combined agent ? I tried installing the linux/unix agent on my mac (which is essentially BSD underneath) but it said it was not supported so I'm assuming the same is going to be true if I try the linux/unix agent on HP/UX. That said, it might be worth trying in dev/test.

That said, I was thinking the leak wasn't visible to the unix SSH plugin, but on checking it this morning I'm finding that it is. We have a backup process (dataprotector) which runs on a Sunday and drops about 3% of the system memory after executing it which never returns. So this weekend we went from 88%->91%, next weekend it will go from 91%->94% the following weekend from 94%->97% and at some point after that the server performance will seriously degrade and the host needs to be restarted. So my assumption is that its the dataprotector client that has the leak. So I'm not sure there's an agent that will connect to that as an HP/UX binary, probably written in C ?

Hi David, I tried the linux host agent install on HP/UX running on itanium and no dice. The current production system is running on PA-RISC, but the newer servers will be the new generation itaniums. So I was aware of this before converting from server monitoring and will continue with the unix monitoring plugin.

Hello Gregor,

Does this mean that the Unix plugin will meet your needs for gathering the resource information? I have seen situations where the Dynatrace AppMon agents don't integrate very well with HP. I just wanted to make sure that you are able to get the details that you need from the plugin.


David Nicholls