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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

HTTP Response Status Code monitoring


I want to create a dashboard to chart & monitor the HTTP Status Codes.

I know at a high level - we have to create a Business Transaction & then a configure a Measure in it. Can anyone help me in sharing the detailed steps

Just to add : It is a Intranet based Web Application


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Really the easiest way to accomplish this is to create a BT as you have said and the only thing you really need to do is add the measure "Web Requests - Response Status Code" as the splitting measure. This will look at all requests and create a split for each code which you will be able to chart or drill in to.

Let me know if that works,


Hi James,

Thanks for responding !

Under Split Results.. section - when I try to add Measure, I'm not able to locate any Measure with Name - "Web Requests - Response Status Code"

Do you know why this is happening ?



I thought that would be one displayed by default but if not in the measure picker for the split select "Create Measure" in the lower right and it will bring up all of the measure templates. If you search for it there you should find it and you can create it there and then add it on that first picker screen.


Hi James, Yes it worked now. the way you mentioned.

Able to create BT as per the instructions. will try out the Chart & let you know

It worked !!!

Able to chart -- all HTTP Codes

If you just wish to monitor 4xx and 5xx or avoid splits, you can rather use the OOTB Measures "HTTP 4xx Response (internal)" and "HTTP 5xx Response (internal)", to plot something like as shown in below image:


Is it possible to do something similar to this for Dynatrace?

Yes, you can with Dignostic Tools --> Multidimensional Analysis:

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That is awesome, thanks! I created a tile in my dashboard showing the data, but where else can I use this new metric?

Do you also know how to filter on number of unique values for request attributes in Multidimensional Analysis? Like I have a request attribute called "GUID", and I'd like to see how many unique ones of this I have.

Sure, you can just filter the MDA for a specific Request Attribute Value:

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But this doesn't show the number of unique GUIDs, does it?

I am trying to group the dimensions you see there, so I'll get the exact number of occurances of the LogonGUID.

Ah sorry, I misread what you wanted. I don't think there is a way to chart the number of unique occurrences.

The serivce dashboard also gives an overview of the top values:

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You can chartr the metrics, you can also use them for custom events for alerting for example.

All the things you can do with other dynatrace metrics 🙂

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