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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

HTTP status: 0 on browser - no client errors detected by UEM



We have a instrumented a Guidewire Claims application using AppMon. We have web/app agents along with UEM configured for this application. We are seeing that end-users are getting sporadic HTTP status: 0 errors on browser and they have relaunch the application to proceed further. Looks like this error code is returned on browser side when XHR requests get aborted/timed-out/connection-drops and don’t go anywhere.

We aren’t detecting any Client errors, Failed actions or errors pertaining to these error codes(in fact there is no user action getting detected when this happens). For example, one user got this error at 12:17 PM and in Dynatrace we see that visit started from 12:18:56(After user relaunched the application.)

Wondering how do we detect these errors using UEM to be able to get more details to troubleshoot further.




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

The question is if front end doesn’t have any fall back functionality, that on special condition UI is restarted? If there is anything that can be root cause, you can always create custom user action based on this (manual instrumentation of JS files). In appmon itself if you don’t see errors it can means two things:

1) browser is closed before error can be send. This may be because for example application is forcing closing browser tab and opening new one. In such case it may be to short time between error and closing operation to send data.

2) If there is error it’s handled somehow by developer and it’s not thrown in browser, for such case it may be a really hard to analyze it without developer.


Thanks Sebastian!

Looks like it is scenario 2. This error code is returned on browser side when XHR requests get aborted/timed-out and don’t go anywhere. Looking it along with developer.