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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Hello All,In my dynatrace setup there is data mismacth between client and the web For this I have raised support ticket I got below reply from them. I could not understand what they are trying to say Could you please explain me further


"Just after discussion with development, it occurs that those two will not be comparable.

  • In webUI ,we show general metrics of the applications as you can see on the table header:User action throughput, user action duration ,failed user actions,purepath count,purepath response time,failed purepaths.
  • I the client, The view aggregates data from the business transactions from the drilldown view( based on on so called monitored business transactions) so it is possible to customize data by selecting different monitored BTs. This is also the reason in the client you only se one number, and not split up by user actions and purepaths.




Hello Sangeetha,

Support has clearly mentioned that two data will not be comparable as WebUI shows you generic metrics while in Thick Client , you get data aggregation from different BT and that can be customized also.

In further simpler words , Data aggregation and presentation is different in both Consoles and by design they are not meant to be seen from an Apple to Apple comparison point of view.

You may also mention the use case where you need to compare the two data . Maybe that use case can be addressed in an alternate way(if possible).


Himanshu Mor

How to customize client data..
You may also mention the use case where you need to compare the two data . Maybe that use case can be addressed in an alternate way(if possible).---In client and web we could see applications overview but In web it is showing one failure and response times and In client it is showing another details.
Can you please tell me on this

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I found your ticket, the context of the question was important. I believe what they are saying is that in the specific web view shown in your ticket you're looking at all transactions across that application, but the view you were looking at in the rich client was one that is only based on transactions that are included in your set of monitored business transactions. So you're looking at only a subset of all the transactions in the client but across all of them in the web.


Thank you Himanshu:)
In both web and rich client we could see the Applications overview.We are getting mismatch in applications overview
In Rich client:
Applictaion 1

Throughput Failure rate Response Time
28requests/minute 25% 1.5s

In web:
Application 1

User Actions duration failurerate Purepaths Response time failurerate
(frond end) (backend)
6.03/m 4.74s 15.3% 19.3/m 3.04s 27.3%

If you see my details nothing is matching between them.
Can you please tell me what is frond end failure rate? and what is back end failure rate?
Here in this case nor response time matching and nor failure rates are matching nothing is matching..
Could you please explain me these queries and these are crucial also

My starting guess would be the time frames are off, can you post a screenshot of the two views you are using. With just the data it is hard to fully understand what you are looking at


EDIT: After reviewing your ticket (thanks James), I agree with his statement above. The context is important as the rich client view is only calculating those values for the business transactions that you are telling the system to monitor.

Here's their ticket I found:

Thank you Kyle:)
Could you please give the explanation like what is front end failure rate and back end failure rate ? and how its been calculated?

I believe it is the difference between User Action Failures and Purepath failures ie. a User Action doesn't always fail if one of the purepaths behind it fails