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Help with setting a maintenance window to only monitor single nightly transaction.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I have a business transaction configured that runs nightly at around 12:45 AM. This is used to monitor that a critical nightly task is performed successfully. I have configured an incident that checks if the count for this business transaction is less than 1 (i.e zero) and if this is the case an incident is triggered.

My question is what would be the ideal maintenance window to ensure that this incident is only active from when the transaction is expected to occur and that it would only trigger one incident per day. Currently I have a 1 hour evaluation timeframe and have the downtime start at 1:00 AM and run for 23 hours; however I do not think this is correct.

If I only had it active from say 1:00 to 1:01 AM with a 1 hour evaluation timeframe, during that minute would it look at the past hour to see if that incident condition had been met, or would it only look at the timeframe starting when the downtime ended?

I would appreciate some input on this as since it runs nightly I don't have much room for trial and error.


- James



Hello James,

I had some trouble scheduling monitor time frames also and I think your case would apply for a RFE, because it is a needed feature for the tool.

Hi Renato,

I created an idea based on this. I didn't want to make it too large/complex but please let me know if you have any things you think can be added to it.

- James

Here it is the link of the similar idea I had also.

RFE - Improve Schedules of monitor and tasks