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Hi All,Can you please provide document for switching properties from one profile to another system profile.For example i need switching a activity from D4 to D7. Please find the attached screenshot for reference



Hi Hema,

For D4 System profile and D7 if you need same kind of configuration like Sensor packs, Incidents, measures etc., then you can export the system profile D4 to the xml file --> while saving the file rename it to the D7 and then import the file name.

Here for example, I have exported the system profile RC2 and saved it to the RC2_Test and imported it back to the AppMon server.


1)Under System profile Right click on D4--> Export to System Profile

2)Save the file to the D7.profile.xml

3)Import the file by right clicking on the system profile and select the file D7.profile.xml

Note: If you have different agent groups in the D7 you need to modify them



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You can also copy/paste resources between profiles.

For example. in D4, copy a given BT (or sensor rule, or Agent Group, etc), then open D7 and paste the resource. This is useful for moving individual resources between profiles.