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Hi Team, Is there any Dockers concept in APPMON?


We have Linux Operating Systems In which we have dockers in it.

In Dockers 1.12.5.we have Liberty(17/18/19) application server where in which our IBM JVM's are running in it.

OS->Docker->Liberty(IBM JVM's)

Is it possible to monitor all these by using APPMON?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sangeetha,

The only thing you can really monitor with AppMon would be the IBM JVMs. You will also get some insight (basic health metrics like CPU, Memory, Disk etc) of the OS but nothing to the level you would get with Dynatrace. This is the exact kind of use case that Dynatrace was built for. Do you guys have any plans on converting to Dynatrace?



If we have 4 different docker containers in an OS, and we need to moniter applications inside those dockers, do we install one agent dynatrace in server(and that moniters all the applications inside all dockers) or do we need to install agents in each docker?

For the Dynatrace OneAgent, yes, you would install the agent on the Docker node and it would automatically discover and capture data for all the application running on that single host instance.

For AppMon, you would need to install agents on each dockerized service (all 4 applications in this case)