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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Hi Team, confusion in pure path analysis.


Hi all,
In Pure path,What is mean by asynchronous calls ? and what is mean by Synchronous calls?

In pure path analysis 1 screenshot ,The over all web request pure path is taking 1761ms .Is it going to distribute for all arguments(in my case they are web services arguments) ?

In this purepath tree ,I though that it should take 1761(main),1562(argument 1),1256(argument 2) etc...but its not taking like that and more over it is taking like 1761(main), 20.94(argument 1), 283.64(argument 2) etc...
what does it mean?

In pure path analysis 2 screenshot, arguments are taking time like 20.94 and gradually its is closing by taking 0.0ms.
what does it mean?

My requirement is for that web request there are few web services(arguments) are being involved.
whenever I take response time of that web request it should be equal to avg response times of the web services(arguments).Is it possible?

Avg Response Time of web Request= Avg Response times of the web services(arguments)?

Is it possible ? Could anyone help me on this?
Please look into the screenshots and do the needful