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Hi Team,


In rich client we have application overview tab where we could see all the application details.


The Requests/Minute chart shows the throughput count (blue) and the expected range (green), based on the data of the last week.

Failure Rate

The Failure Rate chart shows the failure rate trend (blue), baseline (green) and violations (red area). A violation is indicated if this Business Transaction currently produces more failures than expected, based on the data of the last week.

Can we able to set any fixed baseline ? So It should not compare with the last week data?
what is mean by "Reset Base lines for this Application"
Actually I want to show the current failure rate in which it should display the failure rate by using our custom fixed base line and it should not compare with last week data?
Is it possible to set like this?
Can anyone tell me the Response time violation ? how its been calculated?



Hello Sangeetha,

Yes. You can set absolute and relative thresholds for violations in the Configure Business Transaction dialog box.

Reset Base Lines for this Application, means all Business Transactions of the application reset and a new baseline is built from new data.

Note: Resetting the baseline cannot be undone. Building a new baseline may take several hours, depending on the throughput.

Response time violation means ...higher with an active response time baseline violation.



thank you Babar:)
After setting the baseline thresholds for the business transactions in the configuration dilog box .
Again it is going to compare with the last week baseline in application details tab(throughput,failure rate,responsetime)?

Hello Sangeetha,

I guess you can do the following:

  • Take the session storage (stored or offline) for a day or more.
  • Reset Base Lines for this Application
  • Configure the new baseline thresholds for the business transactions and then compare both sessions (Live with the stored or offline) for the failure rate.