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Hi all,Could you please explain..


we are having two dashboards like one is rich client dashboards and another is web dashboards..
In two cases(rich client and web ) we could see the applications details like response time and failure rate in rich client and In web .But we compare that application related data in two of them.
which are not related actually means which are not matching .
For EX: In rich client
Application1--failure rate(6%) and response time(220ms)
For EX:In web
Application1-- failurerate (2%) and response time(120ms)

Actually we need to get same values for the two but I am getting different values.

So could anyone tell me what is the problem ?
Because rich client data should be reflected into the web...


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

With the information provided, I would first look at the time frames and ensure that those are exactly the same (custom time frame to ensure this), Secondly I would make sure your aggregations and application filters are the same as well, if you have done both of those and the data still doesn't match I would look into opening a ticket because both interfaces should be pulling data from the PW and if they don't match maybe something is up with the measure definitions.


I've seen this happen before and I never really found a satisfactory answer. I think you can check in the advanced section to see if it's using 'most recent value' or something like that.