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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Hi all,How can I get new features of AppMon new release April 2018? Now I am using AppMon 7.0


How to upgrade AppMon 7.0 to AppMon 7.1? What I need to do from my side to get new features of New Release of AppMon 2018? Is there any need to add any plugins in Client to get new features?

@Sangeetha M.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi, see the migration guide for further information:

Follow the steps to update your server to get all new features from AppMon April 2018.

Thank you:) will try do it by seeing it.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Sangeetha, Your client will update itself automatically after you've completed the upgrade of the AppMon server. There are no plugins required in the client to get the new 7.1 features.

Hi,thank you:)
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Is this the guide URL for AppMon Server Upgarde?

I want to know one more thing from you , Now I am using server ,collector and client of 7.0 version of Dynatrace where as My agent is of 6.2 Java agent as it is the only version of agent which could support the weblogic server 9.
So here my doubt is if I upgrade the server,collector and client ,will I get all the features of the new release without upgrading agent?

Sangeetha, Running with mismatched versions is intended only for temporary situations while you upgrade at your convenience. It is not intended as a permanent situation.

As for features, any feature that was implemented in the 7.1 agent will certainly not be available if you don't upgrade the agent. There's 100's of new features in 7.1, is there a specific feature that you're looking for in 7.1? As for supporting WLS 9, keep in mind that Oracle no longer supports this version and therefore Dynatrace no longer supports it. Given that you're running an unsupported configuration, you might try simply upgrading Dynatrace agent and seeing if it will work, it likely will. Just realize that when running unsupported versions of 3rd party products, your support options, even from Dynatrace are limited.

Thank you:)