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Hi all, I want to use traffic light chart for web services and if its turn to red then we need to display with some message what is the cause?



So you want to display a certain message if the traffic light turns red?

That is not possible, but you can use the description feature to build a workflow. Just put the link in the description of the tile, and people can drill down from there if the traffic light turns red:

With the next AppMon version, coming end of February, it will be possible to specify a drilldown link per dashlet which is then opened when you click on a tile:

This will then make your workflow even easier!


Thanks For Reply,

Firstly I wants to display the traffic light on the response time of web service, if response time is greater than thresshold then it should be red with details like
what is response time and other information
can you tell me..about this

If you want a traffic light chart that turns red, just add your thresholds to your meassure in the appmon rich client, than you can create a traffic light chart for that measure either in the rich or web client.

You can find a good dashboarding tutorial by andi here: