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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Hi all,Is there any impact on the servers after installing the agent in the production servers??


I am going to install the java agents in the production web logic servers

Is there any impact on the servers after installing the agent...any problem occurs after installing??

How much memory it will take in the server means the agent???

If any impact on the servers??what is that impact?

Please tell me ASAP...



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

A rule of thumb is around 2-3% of overhead but this depends on the application so there really is no way to know for sure apart from comparing before and after. This is why it is normally best to try it out on a pre-prod environment first.

Normally there are no issues but keep an eye on your application if this is the absolute first time installing the agent. If you see an issue you can post on the forums but consider a support case if is urgent.


Thanks for the reply James...

I have tried in test servers there is no much impact on those servers...

The thing is ,on those test servers there is no much traffic on the application when it comes to production there would be much traffic r8?

In this case what is the suggestion from your end??

If it's been tested than I would say you are fine to install the agents. There's not too much else you can do apart from install and monitor closer than you normally would for a period to make sure there are no issues.

Hello James thanks again...

Sry to say like this ...can you elaborate me your "else" part...I did not get actually

What exactly you are saying whether to install or not??

I'm saying the only way to see the impact is to install and monitor your production server resources. As long as you have tested the agents in pre-prod I would not expect any severe issues.

Yeah ok

Thank you so much:)