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Hi team, could you please help me on how to get MQ information to display on dashboard


I have installed MQ Queue channel monitor (fastpack Websphere) and configured for the given queue manager.
I need to display Current_Queue depth, High_Queue depth etc., on dashboard.
My requirement is to display all the above metrics on a single chart.
Please help me on how to get Queue information as mentioned above in a single measure or BT.

Thank you



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

It's been a while since I've used that plugin but the steps will be as follows: install and setup plugin to connect to queue manager, setup task to execute plugin at an interval of your choosing (every 1, 5, etc minutes), once this is done the measures will appear under the system profile the plugin was setup in. You should be able to chart these like any other measure by adding a chart to a dashboard and then searching for the metric you wish to chart (such as current_queue_depth).

It's also worth noting that this plugin can be very measure intensive if you are querying several queue managers. It is recommended you are only pulling back the metrics you want to gather by unchecking the masures you are not interested in during setup. You also should setup the plugin to run at a reasonable frequency.