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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

High Execution Time in purepaths and "proxy request()" as a top1 in method hotspots



I have an application with a problem mentioned here:

That has purepaths with high execution times spended in WebServer doing "unknown" things.

As Andy said, this could be due to some of these problems:


a) large content that needs to be sent back to the client -> in your case it is 650kb (not small but also not very large)

small bandwidth back to the end user -> the end user in your case is
from Jakarta using an IE7. Now - I am not familar with bandwidth and
latency between your data center and Jakarta. But - if you transfer
650kb to that location it may explain the very long time

c) it
could be related to a native module in your IIS that consumes time, e.g:
modules that are used for content compression, virus checking, ...
-> dynaTrace doesnt have insight into these modules. Best is to have a
look at what you have running on your IIS

d) Web Server or Host
of Web Server running low on resources, e.G: out of disk space and IIS
cant write the log entries or network interface exhausted. In your case
all of this seems fine


I see in "method hotspots" that ProxyRequest is the top method in "execution sum" time contributor (attached image).

Anyone knows if is this related to the same problem?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Daniel

Do you have a screenshot of one of these PurePaths? I think the problem is most likely the same as I explained in the other posting. Have you looked at Request/Response Size? Have you looked at Network Interface utilization? Have you looked at available threads?

As for native modules. We will soon provide better insights into native module execution. The new OneAgent for the Web Server brings some new capabilities with the next dynatrace version